About AMI

Mack Ames, VP of Business Development

Ames joined Dutcher & Company, Inc. in July 1988, as Land Manager and is one of the founding partners of Anadarko Minerals, Inc.

He served as Vice President of Operations from 1992 until June 2002, with responsibility for natural gas marketing, coordination of drilling programs, and property title due diligence in connection with oil and gas property acquisitions.

Mr. Ames was named Vice President of Business Development in June 2002, taking on additional duties for reviewing and analyzing property acquisitions and divestitures. The company has enjoyed significant revenue and asset growth during the ensuing years.

After graduation from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 1980, Mr. Ames began his career as a lease broker. He then was employed as an Area Landman in Houston at Inexco Oil Company until returning to Oklahoma City in 1986.

Ames is a member of the Oklahoma City Association of Petroleum Landmen.